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Genetics is the branch of Biological Sciences that studies about the decline of a living being from parent to the children . Genetics often associated with genes and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) which both are one of the genetic material in a living body is very important in terms of inheritance Standard genetic code i as a representation of a gene that is according to needs of the human body protein. Genes in the standard genetic cods presented in the form of code triplet of nitrogen bases and became the language of the gene encoding the living body which produce = 64 different triplet code . All the triplet code of the RNA nucleotide chain translated and produces 20 kinds of amino acids that will be released as a protein in the cell . Set of nitrogen bases in RNA chains compiled and presented in a set N = { C , U , A, G }.This research will be carried out matching N with the cross product Z2 X Z2 {(0,0 ), (0,1 ), (1,0 ), ( 1,1)}. Through this matching then N = { C , U , A, G } forming Klein Group - 4 , the binary vector spaces and The Galois Field . Beside that set of N can be classified into three sets containing partition the set of basic nitrogen based chemical properties of nucleotides that is strong - weak bases, amino - ketonukleotida , and types of bases nitrogen, in the presence of the partition, then N = { C , U , A , G } will form the quotient group.


Keywords: DNA, RNA, standard genetic code, quotien group


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